Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Culinary Arts Toolbox

So, I drove out to the community college today to pick up my student I.D. and get the required materials for my culinary arts classes (my first class starts this Friday!). Unfortunately, the book required for both of my classes has not gotten to the bookstore yet, and I have no idea if I get a chef's coat or not, but I was able to pick up my culinary arts kit, which is literally a plastic toolbox filled with cooking tools.

I've got three knives with covers, a knife sharpener, a thin grater/zester, a meat thermometer, measuring cups and spoons, various piping tips, a vegetable peeler, and plastic scraper. It was a pricy little set, but definitely a good starter kit and, hey, now I have some supplies for my future kitchen! Haha.

Definitely excited, but nervous, about starting classes. I have the same professor for both classes and could have classmates close to my age or much older, which will definitely be different from my past college experience. I checked out a campus map to figure out where my classrooms and the kitchen are and the parking will be easy, so that's good to know. I'm excited to share my classroom experiences on the blog, so be on the lookout!

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