Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013: An Apology and a Look Into What's Been Going On In My Life

So, obviously, I haven't been putting as much time into the blog over the past few months, and for that, I apologize. No amount of explanations—"I've been working a lot," "I've been out of town a lot," "I've been making a lot of repeat meals that are already on the blog"—will make up for that. So, I'm going to be honest: the next few months are going to be a little crazy (hopefully in mostly good ways) and I can't predict the frequency with which I'll publish new posts. I'm going out of town this weekend to visit my cousin, then working two days and immediately going out of town again to Nashville with my best friend. I'm planning to move out in February or March (finally!) and I've been making looking for a job my full time job on my free days. I have been cooking, and I've got a few recipe posts to catch up on. I've also been eating a lot of repeat meals, leftovers, and restaurant meals. Late in November, I tried sweet breads (creamy and a little odd, but tasty) and wild boar (robust and delicious) for the first time at Spoon in Pittsburgh. In mid-December, I had the most amazing coconut shrimp sushi and Crab Rangoon dip at The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar in Charlotte, NC and got to have a date night with John at our favorite restaurant in Greenville (The Cazbah). For Christmas, I helped my mother prepare an excellent meal, complete with my absolute favorite sweet potato casserole (no gross mini marshmallows or straight-out-of-a-can-and-into-the-pot sweet potatoes for us) and the best Brussels sprouts (the key to enjoying them is LOTS of bacon). Just this past weekend, my best friend's sister made us a Cuban meal, complete with crispy, salty plantains, and the next evening had us putting together pizzas with friends (while drinking and playing TABOO, which made for a fun night for sure). I've certainly been enjoying food and cooking, and I hope to start showing that more again on the blog. While I don't think I can be a "three or more times a week" poster, I can certainly promise to do my best to keep up with this blog and continue to share my recipes and my passion for the food world with you, the readers, as I continue to move forward in my life.

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