Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm taking culinary classes this fall!

A few weeks ago, while discussing my hopes and plans for culinary school, my parents suggested I take a few courses at our local community college to get a little experience. They want me to be absolutely sure that culinary school is right for me (and I think they're hoping I'll decide to go to the community college full time rather than a culinary school out of state, because it's much cheaper), so the plan is for me to take two courses this fall, see how they go, and then discuss where I could go to school.

Because the culinary arts classes are credit courses, I had to apply to the school before I was able to register for courses. I received my acceptance letter at the beginning of this month and spoke with a woman from the culinary arts department about what I wanted to do with a culinary degree and what classes I should take. I called the school today, and after a few phone transfers, no luck logging on to my online account, and the reassurance that I didn't have to attend orientation or take a placement test, I was able to register for two culinary arts classes: FSM105 (Foods 1) and CUL130 (Basic Culinary Skills).

FSM105 (Foods 1)

Course description: "Introduction to food preparation and theory will introduce the student to the application of principles of food cookery. Principles relating to various categories of food preparation will be investigated and then applied in a laboratory situation. Sanitation and safety procedures will be emphasized. Uniforms and program tool kit required for all lab classes." 

Fridays: Lecture 8:00AM - 9:50AM & Laboratory 10:00AM - 1:35PM


CUL130 (Basic Culinary Skills)

Course description: "This course is designed to prepare the student for entry level cook positions. Equipment usage care and safety will be demonstrated and practiced by the students. Basic preparation skills such as dicing, chopping, mincing, breading etc., will be demonstrated and practiced by the student. Uniforms and program tool kit required."

Wednesdays: Lecture 8:00AM - 8:50AM & Laboratory 9:00AM - 12:35PM

Class days are definitely going to be LONG, but I'm really excited! FSM105 starts August 19th and CUL130 starts Aug. 24th. I'm hoping to find a job this fall so I can raise a little money to put toward culinary school (because I doubt that dream of going to culinary school in North Carolina is going to leave me).

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