Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reading, Writing, and Ravioli, One Year Later

So, as of today, Reading, Writing, and Ravioli has been up and running for one year now, and I am so excited to see where I can take it in the future. Since starting the blog, I've uploaded 110 posts, including 89 recipes and four culinary tips/how-to's/advice posts, plus a handful of life updates. During this past year, I've taken three culinary arts classes, worked to improve my food photography, utilized new kitchen equipment, and shown my readers just how much I love pasta. When I started out, I just wanted a place to share my recipes, whether adapted from other recipes or created from scratch in my very own kitchen. I wanted to explore my budding passion for food and cooking, and consider where this passion, along with my love for reading and writing, could take me. While I wish I had put more time and effort into this project, I'm happy with where I've gotten so far and I really look forward to continuing the blog and seeing where I can go with it. I want to cook more and post more. I want to share more advice from the kitchen, work with new foods, and open up more about my life outside of the kitchen. I want to tote my camera along to the farmer's market, restaurants, and the grocery store and be that food geek who takes pictures of the food around me. I want to follow more food blogs, read more food magazines, and cook with more people. I'm not sure I'll ever become a scheduled blogger—I don't think I can commit to a specified number of posts per week or themed posts during certain days of the week (my contingent work schedule at Macy's still throws me off during the week, and I spend a lot of time now on my job search)—but I can promise to continue to post new recipes as I try them out and post more about food in general (posts about trips to the farmer's market, dinners out at great restaurants, and other food-related experiences).

For those of you following along, I really appreciate it and I really hope you keep checking back. For those of you who just happened to pop in for a visit, please stick around! I should be posting some new recipes this week—my brother just gave my dad three new grilling cookbooks and we're eager to try them out. I'm also hoping to make it out to the farmer's market soon (we checked it out on opening weekend, but haven't been back since—such a bummer!), and I'd love to share pictures from that adventure.

So, cheers to one year! I don't have any new recipes to share now, but I'll leave y'all with a photo from my recent vacation and urge you all to check back later for new posts and updates.

Steak Salad with White Cheddar-and-Jalapeno Grits from Pig + Fish in Rehoboth Beach, DE

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